About Us

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be a people who live for Jesus and display the love of Jesus to one another and to the world because of God’s love displayed for us through his Son, Jesus, and poured out on us through the Holy Spirit.


  • as a church family we value worshiping God as a community, on Sundays, in our growth groups, in our families, at work and at play with a desire to see others join us.
  •  as a church family we value relationships by the way we love and treat one another through our actions and words and thereby showing that everyone is valued and accepted.
  • as a church family we value open and honest communication whereby everyone is listened to and their opinion valued.
  • as a church family we value prayer as an expression of our delight in and dependence on God.

Our Mission is to:

  • Know Christ by meeting together around God’s word and prayer so that our lives will be radically changed so that we will glorify and please the Lord.
  •  Live Christ by serving one another, by serving our local community and by serving the world so that all will see how attractive the gospel is.
  • Share Christ by promoting the gospel in everything we do and say and by every possible mean to everyone.

Know Christ, Live Christ, Share Christ